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BSM provides access to state of the art material science laboratories through the membership in the CZM (Clausthal Center for Material Research). Based on experience, creativity and a professional team, we can handle development projects from small sample investigations to large scale process- and material design. Our major strength is the development of superior materials for oil and gas exploration tools, e.g. matrix powders with high wear resistance as well as high bending strength. On the other hand, we are developing cost cutting solutions for challenging market environments.
In the recent years, an increasing number of industrial manufacturers decided to reduce their internal R&D teams and work together with professional laboratories on a project basis. BSM realized this trend very early and is fully set up to welcome you.

BSM works closely with World Class Drill Bit producers. We understand the challenges of our customers and provide solutions fulfilling the targets. From standard product to new powder, from high end to low cost, from sample to full size supply. The major strength of our supply chain is flexibility. Due to our focus on the final steps in the manufacturing we can react quickly on customer needs without friction.
BSM has set up the clear target to provide significant cost cuttings for our customers. That’s why we closely cooperate with large scale certified manufacturers located in Asia. Since China is the capital of the global Tungsten industry with about 80% of the natural resources and more than half of the global demand, the supply is professional, stable and cost efficient. In order to secure short term material availability, BSM has set up local warehouses on demand.
Our product portfolio includes Tungsten powders like W, WC and Cast Tungsten Carbide, Thermal Spray Powder, RTP and sintered WC-Co alloys.
For customers interested in the cost efficient supply of other powder metallurgical raw materials besides Tungsten, e.g. Ferro-Alloys or special carbides, BSM will select a reliable source through the network in Asia and work out a supply solution.

Tungsten resources are valuable and relatively rare. Your tungsten containing residues might generate a significant revenue, if they can be recycled. In the specific case of the oil and gas exploration industry, the cost efficient collection of the residues, IP protection as well as flexibility in the recycling methods can make the difference. BSM offers Tungsten recycling service through partner companies in China and other Asia countries. We have a solution for you eventually.


BARENBERG SPECIAL MATERIALS GmbH (BSM) is a company specialized in global technical trading & engineering of Tungsten products. The origin of BSM is near Goslar, a small town located in the Harz Mountains in the North of Germany with a thousand years of history in mining and metallurgical processing... Read More

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