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Cast Tungsten Carbide made in EU

Specialized in ultra-high Temperature Processing of Refractory Metals

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Refractory Production Can be green

significant Improvements regarding:

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The Gordian Knot

Microreactor + Numbering Up

Have you ever heard the saga about the Gordian Knot? Nowadays we use this parable to describe when someone is able to solve a really difficult issue in an unconventional and easy way. But what is the connection to the world of refractory processing?

When BSM started to develop a new way for “green” processing of refractory metal melts, we decided to adapt a method called “Microreactor Technology” because of its superior energy efficiency, yield and flexibility. This method is established for the production of small volumes of for example pharmaceutical products. But how to solve the conflict between “Microreactor” and “Tonnage” production? This has been our “Gordian Knot”. Well, the solution is as simple as can be. Based on ultra fast processing, automization and “numbering up” of the micro-devices, BSM managed to scale the production from grams up to tons. We are sure this is not the end of the journey. More to come.

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We are the right partner for your new products development, our unique melting process enables us to create materials combinations which have never been commercially available.

Industry Application

Cast Tungsten Carbide is an extremely wear-resistant material, it is used for surface coating /protection.
A CTC surface coating can extend the service life of wear parts by 3-10 times.

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Coating Companies

Wear Solutions Providers

Key Industries

➟ Mining
➟ Cement Industry
➟ Agriculture
➟ Wood/Paper Industry
➟ Road Construction
➟ Recycling


The company location – Salzgitter is a very import industry city in Niedersachsen Land.
It has modern working environment driven by green energy projects.
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