CTC - Cast Tungsten Carbide

What is Cast Tungsten Carbide?

Cast Tungsten Carbide (also be called fused Tungsten Carbide) is a so-called cast and crushed tungsten carbide (CTC), chemical formula is WC/W2C. It is of irregular particle shape. CTC is a eutectic mixture of mono tungsten carbide (WC) and di-Tungsten carbide (W2C). Average carbon content is generally between 3,8 and 4,2 wt.-%, which translates into 65 – 78 wt.-% W2C and 22 – 35 wt.-% WC.

CTC particles have a very fine internal structure (‘feather structure’), which gives this materials high hardness values and certain toughness values. Therefore, this results in an exceptional wear resistance.

Blends of CTC with alloy powders based on Ni, Fe or Co are used to produce superior wear protection coatings by welding, laser cladding or other coating methods. Application examples are conveyor screws, fan blades, wear plates, excavator bucket teeth and crusher jaws. Furthermore, CTC can be used for the production of drill bits.

Chemical Characteristics

C total3,8-4,2
C freetbd

Physical Characteristics

Particle size distribution

Oversizemax. 2%
Undersizemax. 5%
Rotap Screening per ASTM B214.
Tap Densitytbd
Scott Densitytbd

XRD spectrum of the test item reaction mass of ditungsten carbide and tungsten carbide

FESEM Microstructure of CTC after Etching

Courtesy of Wolfram Bergbau und Hütten AG


CTC Datasheet Download

Up-Cycling WMP

What is Up-cycling WMP?

Technical Tungsten powder is a by-product from the Tungsten production process carrying some metallic impurities like Cr, Fe and Ni. It will usually be recycled into APT through chemical processing.

We have developed a process to purify the powder and up-cycle it into a useful product for welding additives with a good flowability and very little fine particles.

Chemical Characteristics

W Purity is min 99,5%, the typical figure is >99,8%

The purity is calculated by 100% – %Cr – %Fe – %Ni

Physical Characteristics

Our Standard product is-180 +45μm
Oversizemax. 0,5%
Undersizemax. 5%


TaeguTec Powder Service

TaeguTec Ltd. (former Korea Tungsten Company) has been founded in South Korea in 1916, they are not only the largest cutting tools manufacturer, but also a very import tungsten powder supplier to the world. As a member of IMC Group, TaeguTec has grown to a large capacity of several thousands tons per years. In 2016, BSM has been nominated as their Sales Agency for WMP & WC in EU.

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