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R&D Support

We believe we are the right partner for your new products development. Our unique melting process enables us to create material-combinations, which have never been commercially available. In the past years, we have done a lot with our customers to improve their products with our R&D Supports, eg:


Our Common Future

Sustainability was defined as ‚ Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. From then, sustainability has become a major challenge for future global development in all areas. With decreasing traditional energy and raw material resources, increasing world population, and environmental threats, sustainability consciousness has increased and turned into practice.

Carrying this concept into products is one of our major targets, therefore, BSM has developed a green processing, which is from gathering the raw materials up to making the final products with all its energy and materials flows will be environmental-friendly. We see a good chance to expand our green processing in the whole industry. Please contact us, let’s do something for our common future.  


Saving the world has never been the job just of big companies. A disruptive innovation in any industry can fullfill your heroic dream, agree?

Our mission is making refractory metal industry green. When tradition meets innovation, an interesting journey begins.

We welcome you no matter where you come from, let us rock it together.

Please reach us here with your CV.

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